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The Digital Ranger.
Wondering the plains of cyberspace and tech.
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  • 09:55 RT @CERN #LHC set world record for beam energy last night. Twin beams circulated at 1.18 TeV, for more see bit.ly/6zOkVR #
  • 11:43 RT: @libdems: This morning @Nick_Clegg & @VinceCable launch @LibDems fair tax plan j.mp/5DEb48 #
  • 13:55 Does anyone know if the mobile Google Maps' "My Location" feature uses cell tower triangulation, or just single tower GPS position? #
  • 17:41 Yeah, this pretty much sums up my sentiments towards christmas failblog.org/2009/11/30/santa-fail-3/ #
  • 17:51 If you're a software developer with kids, you might find this interesting, "OpenOffice.org 4 kids" tinyurl.com/pujxrr #
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  • 13:34 I just generated my #TweetCloud out of a year of my tweets. Top three words: blog, post, thanks - w33.us/r3h #
  • 13:39 I just generated my #TweetCloud out of a month of my tweets. Top three words: blog, post, phone - w33.us/rpk #
  • 22:09 New blog post: Bookmarks for November 22nd through November 29th bit.ly/4XuFxM #
  • 23:28 On page 221 of 282 of Getting Things Done by David Allen bit.ly/4DQrWh #
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  • 15:54 I'm sure the clocks have been set to turbo speed today. #
  • 15:57 Of dear, here come the tv adverts for the christmas tat cd's. #
  • 19:03 Iron Man and Star Wars - not a bad way to start the weekend :-) #
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  • 01:45 RT: @standaloneSA: RT Star Wars Facebook updates ROTWL twitpic.com/r3kcr twitpic.com/r3kdn (via @OhCrap) #
  • 09:03 New blog post: Tip of the Week – 27th November 2009 bit.ly/7yYt1e #
  • 11:17 I love it when I have so many Facebook comments that my notification list shoots out of the top of my browser. I know some great folks :-) #
  • 12:02 RT: @cnetuk: Interview: Inside CERN with an LHC scientist bit.ly/8T6GXU #
  • 17:05 Really interesting article, "Spotify Isn’t Ripping Off Artists, The Labels Are". I suspected as much. tinyurl.com/y8o3sfd #
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  • 01:43 It would seem I'm still awake. I ought to do something about that. I can see another night of insomnia looming ... #
  • 13:11 RT: @cnetuk: Want to try the new Google homepage? We show you how bit.ly/7OID1b #
  • 13:17 Is it me, or has the v22 E52/E55 firmware become available for OTA update now? #symbian #nokia (fao @stevelitchfield @timsalmon) #
  • 18:12 People are saying the world ends in 2012 - don't worry it's just wishful thinking. #
  • 23:57 Sport is essentially meaningless, which leaves it as a form of entertainment. So, lets have footballers wearing clown shoes please. #
  • 23:58 Is there an app to get rid of smug iphone adverts? #
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  • 11:12 Mandelson disconnection law may be illegal & backfire bit.ly/clletter #threestrikes (via @Openrightsgroup @carolinelucas) #
  • 14:42 RT @INFOSEC_Maven Report recommends that UK Police stop being unaccountable law-breakers - bit.ly/4TMOzx #
  • 19:51 Have grown my hair back a little - feels weird. #
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  • 10:11 RT @bbctech Petitions and protests are planned in the wake of government plans to tackle persistent pirates. bit.ly/58UNgW #
  • 12:48 "Woman found dead in Cumbria, but in other news Beckham has asthma" - @bbcnews #sensitivity #fail #
  • 14:06 For Christmas, give your family the gift of time and relaxation by telling them not to buy you anything. #
  • 14:30 Tweenbots, an experiment in anthropomorphisation, empathy, & navigation. Please look at www.tweenbots.com/ #
  • 17:41 RT: @123reg: New Blog Post: Web Hosting Glossary | Inside 123-reg bit.ly/7rl6DY #
  • 21:58 RT: @INFOSEC_Maven When piracy isn't theft - tinyurl.com/ycd95c8 #threestrikes #
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  • 10:01 RT: @Openrightsgroup: Guardian leader tears into Digital Economy Bill: bit.ly/guardianleader #threestrikes #warontheweb #
  • 10:07 Please sign this petition to stop Mandelson's grab for power tinyurl.com/yf552cg #threestrikes #warontheweb #webwar #
  • 10:16 New blog post: Bookmarks for November 16th through November 22nd bit.ly/6EtKoB #
  • 10:19 If you think @Spotify should have an ad-supported mobile client, please vote me up on Digg! digg.com/d31AoR8?t #
  • 10:22 Retro blog post: Should Spotify Mobile be premium only? tinyurl.com/y85g446 (FAO @aas @recombu @spotify @cnetuk) #
  • 12:02 RT @Openrightsgroup Please sign disconnection petition and push it over 9k signatories. bit.ly/dontdisconnect #threestrikes #
  • 14:35 Industry lobbying of UK gov pays dividends (via @INFOSEC_Maven) - tinyurl.com/yd5fvml #
  • 15:07 Just about to see my endocrinologist. Hope there's some answers, because I've been in a worse state than normal, lately. #
  • 15:32 Still waiting to be seen ... #
  • 21:43 Hospital summary: My TSH is so low it's unreadable, so they're decreasing my dose a bit and discharging me. So now upto me to monitor myslf #
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  • 10:50 Just installed Google Gears, giving me access to Google Docs and my blog offline - let's see how it works out. #
  • 11:50 RT @Openrightsgroup Number 10 petition to stop Mandelsons #digitaleconomy bill. Please sign and RT! is.gd/50gQK #webwar #threestrikes #
  • 13:10 I really hate this time of year, just waiting for it to March/Spring. #confessionsaturday #
  • 13:38 I think it's sad reflection on our culture when sports players (especially rich ones) are regarded as heros #confessionsaturday #
  • 15:28 I got my Windows7 refund this week. #stuffthatmakesmehappy #
  • 20:30 Feeling ill. Curling up on sofa to watch some Wordpress lectures on my phone. Rock'n'roll \m/ #
  • 20:49 I think mobile phones should have brightness controls in the same way that many have volume controls. #betterphonedesign #
  • 21:43 #Blogging conundrum - Over the past two weeks my hits have gone down, but my RSS subscribers are higher than ever. Strange? #
  • 23:04 The Digital Economy Bill needs to be stopped! bit.ly/2omn1O - They also want to take over Nominet! bit.ly/63NIjf - Pls RT. #
  • 23:45 Back on the sofa with more Wordpress videos. I might not be fit for much, but I'm regarding this as a training course =) #
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  • 10:56 New blog post: Tip of the week – 20th November 2009 bit.ly/40LtM7 #
  • 12:35 RT: @Openrightsgroup: Have you phoned or emailed your MP about the #digitaleconomy bill? bit.ly/phoneyourmp #webwar #threestrikes #
  • 14:05 RT: @libdems: RT @LibDemPress Tory councillor upset at lack of candidates with ‘normal English names’: bit.ly/fFNup #
  • 21:18 RT @cnetuk Digital Economy Bill confirms copyright proposals, turns Mandelson loose bit.ly/7PBdCO #
  • 21:32 That's it - I can't stand any more warbling soap stars. #
  • 22:03 So our Queen made a press release to express sympathy for Coventry floods. I don't remember Hull getting the same sentiment. #
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  • 01:21 For the record, I think having the death penalty & having a civilised society are mutually exclusive goals. Killing ain't civilised. #
  • 01:25 If you execute killers, then you have to execute the executioner, and so on. The logical conclusion of the death penalty is extinction. #
  • 12:10 I like how creating "My Maps" on Google Maps carries over to mobile client. I just wish it would work in reverse too! #
  • 13:19 CNET UK Podcast poll: What operating system does your mobile phone use? is.gd/4YKDE - Please RT + Tell us if you like your phone OS #
  • 16:12 Leaked UK government plan to create "Pirate Finder General" with power to appoint militias, create laws eff.org/r.3cQ (via @bb) #
  • 16:15 If you didn't understand my last tweet, Mandelson wants to give entertainment industry powers to pry into your private life and cut you off. #
  • 16:45 RT @Openrightsgroup Say no to the Pirate Finder General: bit.ly/message2mandelson (Pls RT) #
  • 19:07 AFK for a few hours now. :-( #
  • 19:28 RT: @cnetuk: Mandelson in fresh attack on Web rights: Seeks powers to rewrite copyright law bit.ly/2DCz1V #
  • 23:59 If you care about freedom in the UK, read these: tinyurl.com/yglthuq tinyurl.com/yk32bhm tinyurl.com/yhw7h4u #webwar #
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  • 00:15 I had the same reaction nearly 2 years ago! #
  • 09:32 New blog post: Can Electronic Book Readers Succeed? bit.ly/NYe1H #
  • 13:31 As a blogger, or writer, do you actively capture your ideas when you're not writing, and if so, how? I use email, to send them to myself. #
  • 17:20 Hoping for some diggs please, "Can Electronic Book Readers Succeed?": digg.com/d31APC5?t #
  • 19:02 Converting Videos Howto - FFMPEG www.youtube.com/watch?v=iIalNEW-LQ8 #
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  • 08:15 Today's definition of irony - Feeling too ill to go to a medical appointment. #
  • 12:16 UK.gov hoovers up data on 5-year-olds, without telling parents they could opt out tinyurl.com/yhqpvmz (via @INFOSEC_Maven) #
  • 18:33 Blood sample given. Errands done. Exhausted. Waiting for food in Nando's. Looking up bus times in my phone's pdf library. Geeky, moi? #
  • 21:32 Testing extended battery in phone. Had email, twitter & gps running for over 6 hrs. Battery still at 100%. Impressive or poor calibration? #
  • 23:42 Regarding the extended battery. Have been steaming internet radio on wifi since last tweet. Bat'ry still showing 100%. Has to be calibration #
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