DaveG (digitalranger) wrote,

Tweets for Today

  • 11:28 My Blog: Aligning images with captions in WP 2.6 and newer. tinyurl.com/8sw8l7 #
  • 12:04 @DesignPepper Hi, thanks for following :) #
  • 15:06 Question to fellow bloggers - Is my sidebar too long? www.davidgilson.co.uk #
  • 19:22 Blog sidebar trimmed - how does it look now? #
  • 22:57 My Blog: The Ever Expanding Universe in Modern Cosmology tinyurl.com/75pjtj #
  • 23:22 Have just finished a 5,000 word blog post for tomorrow, watch out for my blog at around noon (GMT). #
  • 01:31 @mikejaydavies That is indeed a great film. It was sad about Wilson :-( #
  • 01:52 Does anyone else reading this (on Twitter) use Piwik as an alternative to Google Analytics? ( piwik.org ) #
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