DaveG (digitalranger) wrote,

Tweets for Today

  • 11:12 *yawn* Good morning everyone :-) #
  • 13:14 Two blog posts today. Another Spotify invite give-away is.gd/hg2u and how to set up WiFi on your S60 phone is.gd/hg2D #
  • 17:19 @natelanxon @nickhide @matthewhughes @vincentthacker I think conversations are part of twitter. Although it should be threaded #
  • 18:53 @matthewhughes except it'd have more users :) #
  • 19:50 @macoafi If you liked Twilight, I'd recommend www.foreverfifteen.com free text & audio novel #
  • 19:51 @natelanxon stylus>fingers :) #
  • 19:56 @natelanxon aww but I meant stylus greater than fingers. To me its like the difference of a fine brush & finger painting #
  • 20:14 @matthewhughes Twitter does that. Why dont' you register yourself on here, and you can be a stat w***e like me is.gd/hj5T #
  • 20:16 @matthewhughes Actually, look at this, you can see when twitter lost me loads tinyurl.com/73dbvf #
  • 21:15 Just a reminder to everyone that still I have some Spotify invites to give away. Just leave a comment here - is.gd/hg2u #
  • 21:29 @matthewhughes @vincentthacker So, you two have been playing Warsow? #
  • 21:43 @matthewhughes @vincentthacker Well if you two keep at it, it might tempt me to give it a try out. Then I can school you both ;-) #
  • 23:14 @vincentthacker It sounds like you're new with keyboard/mouse controls. Stick with it, it's the more natural interface you'll get used to it #
  • 23:33 @vincentthacker Stick it, your body needs to adjust :) #
  • 09:05 @ian9outof10 Bbc say no to showing the dec appeal, but with all the news coverage on them not doing it they might as well have just shown it #
  • 09:55 Hi everyone, I still have six Spotify inviations to give out. Just leave a comment on my blog at this url is.gd/hg2u #
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