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Tweets for Today - The Digital Ranger. — LiveJournal
Wondering the plains of cyberspace and tech.
Tweets for Today
  • 10:02 My Blog: Favourite Video Podcast #3: CrankyGeeks tinyurl.com/aqd5jp #
  • 10:42 Can anyone recommend laptop speakers with a decent RMS power please? (Currently considering is.gd/lJ6o and is.gd/lJ6n ) #
  • 19:43 I am over subscribed. If I owe you correspondence, it will come, eventually. #
  • 21:50 Has anyone else heard about the security breach in Spotify? If you created an account before 19Dec08, read this is.gd/lOTu #
  • 22:38 Does anyone know how to buy an MP3 album from Amazon as a gift for someone else? #
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