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Tweets for Today - The Digital Ranger. — LiveJournal
Wondering the plains of cyberspace and tech.
Tweets for Today
  • 11:33 Currently discovering Portishead. I like :) #
  • 17:12 From GoodReads.com: David added 'New Moon':
    David added:

    New Moon (The Twilight Saga.. tinyurl.com/dad86w #
  • 20:36 Having a musical discovery day, Portishead & The Cure, I didn't know what I was missing. #
  • 21:14 From GoodReads.com: David Gilson installed the Goodreads Facebook Application:

    check it ou.. tinyurl.com/69ozum #
  • 00:14 From GoodReads.com: David added 'The Idiot':
    David is currently reading:

    .. tinyurl.com/d99maj #
  • 00:30 Dilemma: Do I start reading Dostoevsky, or watch this week's Battlestar Galactica? #
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