DaveG (digitalranger) wrote,

  • 10:11 RT @bbctech Petitions and protests are planned in the wake of government plans to tackle persistent pirates. bit.ly/58UNgW #
  • 12:48 "Woman found dead in Cumbria, but in other news Beckham has asthma" - @bbcnews #sensitivity #fail #
  • 14:06 For Christmas, give your family the gift of time and relaxation by telling them not to buy you anything. #
  • 14:30 Tweenbots, an experiment in anthropomorphisation, empathy, & navigation. Please look at www.tweenbots.com/ #
  • 17:41 RT: @123reg: New Blog Post: Web Hosting Glossary | Inside 123-reg bit.ly/7rl6DY #
  • 21:58 RT: @INFOSEC_Maven When piracy isn't theft - tinyurl.com/ycd95c8 #threestrikes #
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